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Mastering Your Message

How Do You Judge A ‘Good’ Message (MYM 005)

What makes your message valid is not enough to call it ‘good.’

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We Are A Part Of A Rhythmic Nation (MYM 004)

The rhythm of your speech has a major impact on how your words are interpreted and your message is delivered.

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The Basics Of The Rule Of Threes For Delivering Messages (MYM 003)

A beginning, a middle, and an end. The Rule of Threes is a basic tenant for delivering a message for a good reason.

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Why Repetition Is Key…Why Repetition Is Key…Why Repetition Is Key… (MYM 002)

Repetition can quickly become boring in everyday life, but it is the key ingredient to effective story crafting and telling.

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What Is A Story & Do You Have One? (MYM 001)

We believe everyone has a message they are meant to convey. But does that mean everyone has a ready-made story they can use to convey their message?

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Why We Are Creating The Mastering Your Message Podcast (MYM 000)

Your introduction to the Mastering Your Message podcast, brought to you by the Mastering Your Message course and community. For more information, visit

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