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I Want To Help You With Your Podcasting

As the title of this page suggests, if you are looking for guidance in podcasting, from launching the first episode to maintaining momentum when the work turns into work, you will find it here.

My name is J Cleveland Payne. Whether you want to go with the term advisor or adviser, I offer podcasters advice as a person who has ten years of podcasting experience and 20 years of old-fashioned broadcasting experience.

I have succeeded in many ways: getting started, creating processes to manage a heavy workload, recovering from podfading, coming to terms with technology, and taking multiple podcasts past the 100 episode mark.

All those successes came with many failures and hurt feelings along the way, and still plenty today. The best thing I can offer to you is a perspective of where you are in the growth and development of your podcast. The second best thing I can offer is accurate guidance and actionable instructions on how to improve your podcast, your workflow, and maybe even your ability to keep your podcast work from conflicting with your real work or your real life.

So, allow me to be your podcast advisor. And make sure you remember that podcast guidance can be found here.

Please, allow me to help. Start with this questionnaire to see just what type of podcasting help you need right now. Or select an option below and jump right into the fray.

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