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How To Manage The Gear

Cheap, fast, and good. It’s a common phrase that we have all heard and have seen applied. And it applies just as easily to all the gear you could buy to produce your podcast.

Good+Cheap=NOT Fast: The process is painfully slow, but you can still produce great content that offers great audio and visual experience.

Good+Fast=NOT Cheap: As I have heard recently, “Anyone who thinks money can’t solve their problems, doesn’t have enough money to solve them. With plenty of cash, you can get just about anything produced.

Cheap+Fast=NOT Good: The fear for most podcasters because it is the way of too many beginning podcasters. Without a sustainable budget and no real direction, content gets produced, but it is often sub-par content.

This page will help you find the right balance of cheap, fast, and good when it comes to the gear you have, the gear you need, and the gear you hear other podcasters talk about that you quickly get envious of, even with limited funds.