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How To Figure Out What To Say

When I returned to radio work and began producing a local morning news program, I found our guests were indeed experts in their fields but did not have the talent of convincing the audience through the medium of a live radio broadcast. A disproportional amount of guests looking to get their stories out to the masses and lucky enough to get a moment on a powerful platform but could not tell their story to gain its total effects.

Podcasting made the ability to create a platform more accessible, but not the storytelling part.

I am converting the Mastering Your Message program that I created to initially help radio guests (and later the general public) learn storytelling fundamentals and be comfortable in their presentations.

Because it was created for radio interviews, it initially worked well for early podcasters and people doing interviews on podcasts. With so much social media, so many apps, and the debate on videos equal podcasts; there is a need to update the messaging that I am providing for this audience.

This page will offer tips and coursework to help you master your message for practical and effective podcasting.